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Where does Impact Day take place? What makes Estonia and Tallinn such a great place to be and/or live in and what is their relationship with sustainability? Let's find out!

About the venue, Tallinn & Estonia

  • Welcome to Estonia!

    Despite its small size, Estonia has a rich cultural history and a thriving contemporary culture.

    One of the coolest things about Estonia is that it is one of the most digitally advanced countries in the world, with high-speed internet available even in remote areas. Estonia is also the birthplace of Skype, Wise and Bolt and has been at the forefront of technological innovation for many years.

    In addition to its digital prowess, Estonia is also a leader in sustainable practices. The country is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and has set ambitious goals for carbon neutrality by 2050. Estonia has invested heavily in renewable energy, particularly wind and biomass, and has made significant progress in increasing energy efficiency.

    Estonia, however, offers incredible opportunities for diverse experiences, both in its cultural, scientific, and entrepreneurial realms. In Estonia, you’ll find a plethora of places to admire and explore. This small Baltic gem boasts a rich tapestry of historical sites, innovative achievements, and a thriving cultural scene. Whether you’re wandering through the enchanting streets of Tallinn’s Old Town, engaging with cutting-edge technologies in the tech-savvy hubs, or immersing yourself in the beauty of its pristine natural landscapes, Estonia seamlessly combines tradition with modernity. Discover the allure of this Baltic nation, where every corner unveils a unique story and each experience adds to the vibrant mosaic that is Estonia.

    More info & reasons why to visit Estonia: www.visitestonia.com/en/



  • Venue: Põhjala Factory

    Impact Day takes place at Põhjala Factory (Marati 5, Tallinn) which is 10,5 km from Tallinn Airport, 8,4 km from the city’s central bus station and 6,4 km from central railway station of Tallinn (Baltic Station).

    Click here for directions.


    While the Impact Stage features engaging debates and pitches then on the Sustainability Stage you can develop your own skills and on the Inspiration Stage you can hear inspiring stories from influencers & impacters.


    The Impact Day expo area is the Mecca of sustainability. Companies can gain new clients or cooperation partners by showcasing themselves among Nordic’s & Baltic’s 60+ impact or responsible businesses.


    With a VIP ticket you can access to the backstage and have the possibility to meet privately with our TOP speakers.


    Põhjala has an awesome community where the future is in progress and history is being written.

    Each studio, atelier, plant box in the city garden and volunteer supports the fragile ecosystem of the factory. We enjoy the time spent together, in co-creation, co-working and get-togethers that last ’till the morning light.

    Hangar concerts, garden beds full of kale, vegan leather bags and so much more have found a home in here. The wild bushy garden bar surrounding the old tower was born from inspiration and has become an inspiration as well. Everything done in here is done after the face of the factory.


    Põhjala allows the urban jungle to flourish, city chicken to fuss around and the buildings to age with dignity. Põhjala revives the old rubber noot factory, keeping its authenticity and atmosphere. Walk by our side and come for a visit by bicycle or tram!


    Those who walk here along the seaside promenade find themselves in modern Bullerby village, where everything they need is within reach. Children are enjoying themselves in the car-free courtyard, the baker reads your today’s desire with just a glance.


    The factory is a place where everyone can fit in. Construction goes hand in hand with concerts and shows, stand up shows with markets and festivals. Those rushing to Botik meet with the muddy urban gardeners, lovers are snuggling around the corner.

    More info about Põhjala Factory: https://www.pohjalatehas.ee/en/

  • Visit Tallinn!

    Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia, located on the northern coast of the country on the Gulf of Finland. With a population of just over 400,000, it is the largest city in Estonia and an important cultural, economic, and political center for the country.

    Tallinn’s commitment to sustainability extends to its tourism industry as well. Many hotels and restaurants have implemented eco-friendly practices such as reducing energy and water usage, recycling, and using locally-sourced ingredients. Tallinn is also home to many sustainable tourism attractions, such as museums and cultural sites that are carefully managed to minimize environmental impact.

    For useful advice and inspiration on Tallinn’s top attractions, activities, events, and places to eat and drink, check out the city’s official tourism portal, visittallinn.ee, or follow @VisitTallinn on social media.

Estonia is diverse and worth discovering!

See what all there is to experience!

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