General questions

  • When and where does Impact Day take place?

    Impact Day will take place on October 10-12, 2024 at the Põhjala Factory, Tallinn, Estonia. You can also join the event virtually.

  • How can I watch Impact Day virtually?

    All General and VIP Pass holders can watch the event virtually from Brella. Detailed instructions are sent after the ticket purchase.

  • Who can participate in Impact Day?

    Be it an entrepreneur, an investor, an official, a student, a lecturer or just interested in the subject – you will find something you like in the program. If you are interested in how to create a positive impact on society or environmental concerns, Impact Day is an event to attend!

  • What language will the festival be conducted in?

    The festival will primarily be conducted in English. However, to cater to our local audience, up to 10% of the sessions will be conducted in Estonian.

    It’s important to note that for the Impact stage, presentations will be delivered exclusively in English, and simultaneous translation into Estonian will be provided for those sessions.

  • How can I arrive to Impact Day and where to leave my means of transport if necessary?

    We encourage you to use public transport or micromobility devices!

    For our attendees traveling from abroad, we highly encourage utilizing the most environmentally-friendly transportation methods available. If you’re journeying from Sweden, Finland, Latvia, or Lithuania, consider taking a bus or ferry. These options are often more cost-effective. However, if they are not, please bring it to our attention – we’re committed to supporting your sustainable travel choices by compensating the difference.

    You can get to the venue by public transport using bus no. 32, 72 or tram no. 2, 6. The nearest stop is Marati.

    If you have a micromobility device (bicycle, scooter), you can park it next to the entrance. We recommend you to enjoy the seaside Stroom pedestrian route to Kopli Street.

    If you can’t get there by public transport or micromobility devices, you can leave your car around the Põhjala Factory. Warning: there are very few parking spaces, so you might get a few (or even more) steps on your activity monitor while walking from your car! There is a car park around the Põhjala factory, but it is used by the workers and people who live around it. You may or may not have the opportunity to park on nearby streets. Therefore, we strongly advise you to come by public transport from both an environmental and a convenience perspective!

    Põhjala factory address: Marati 5, 11713 Tallinn.

  • Where can I stay during the festival?

    We recommend Tallink hotels!

    All Tallink hotels have been certified with the Green Key eco-label, which assures the guests that Tallink works daily towards maintaining a sustainable world.

    • Tallink City Hotel has a modern atmosphere and an exclusive location in the heart of Tallinn. Here the exquisite flavours served at the grill restaurant and lobby bar await you. Use the link to get discounted prices for the stay!
    • Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel is located next to the magical Old Town. Here you can relax in the pools and saunas of the water centre, enjoy world flavours at restaurant Nero and pamper yourself at the Beauty and wellness centre. Use the link to get discounted prices for the stay!
    • You will love Tallink Express Hotel if you value affordability and simplicity. Guests of Express hotel may also enjoy the beauty and wellness treatments as well as saunas and pools of the water centre located in the adjacent Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel. Use the link to get discounted prices for the stay!
  • What should I wear at the festival?

    The main thing is that you feel comfortable. Even after heating, the Põhjala Factory hangers may be a little cool for some, so we recommend that you put on warm clothes

  • Can I use pictures taken by Impact Day's photographers?

    Yes, you can use photos taken by our photographers at the festival by mentioning the name of the photographer and the event. You can use photos in media, publications, for personal use, etc. If possible, use #impactday and #actforimpact – so other festival visitors can find you!

  • How long and where can I watch the event's recordings?

    General Pass owners can watch the recordings up to 30 days after the festival from Brella, VIP Pass owners up to 60 days. All the necessary information for this will be sent to you by email.

  • Can I take my child with me?

    Yes, you can! Children up to 12 years old can come in free.

    PS. There are no special children areas during 10 and 11 October. So we suggest finding a nanny for those dates as you can then enjoy those dates to the fullest yourself and the child as well.

  • Are pets allowed at Impact Day?

    No – we kindly ask you to leave your furry friends at home during the festival.

  • Is the whole festival taking place indoors?

    All stages and their programs take place indoors.

    However, we have placed registration and catering outside for you.

  • I have a disability. Can I still enjoy full access to all the activities and areas in the festival?

    We firmly believe in inclusivity and are dedicated to ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to experience and enjoy the festival. We have made a number of adjustments to our venue, facilities and activities to ensure they are as accessible as possible to all. Should you require further assistance or have specific needs, our team is more than willing to provide help and guidance. We encourage you to reach out to our technical manager Kätlyn Jürisaar (katlyn@impactday.eu) ahead of the festival, so we can best prepare for your visit and ensure your experience is as seamless and enjoyable as possible.


  • Where can I buy Impact Day tickets?

    You can buy Impact Day tickets directly from our website – https://impactday.eu/tickets

  • What is the latest time when I can buy tickets?

    You also have the opportunity to buy a ticket on the day of the event at Põhjala Factory, but we have a limit of participants due to the evacuation requirements. So we recommend buying a ticket as early as possible.

  • Can I buy a ticket on the spot?

    Yes, but only through the website and if there are any tickets left by then.

  • Could I get an invoice which I can use for payment?

    Simply mark the square box when you’re in middle of the buying process and you will receive an invoice to your email. After payment, you will automatically receive the tickets.

  • Can I give my ticket to somebody else?

    Yes, you can. If you need to change the name or owner on the ticket, then please write to info@impactday.eu and also send us the confirmation e-mail that you got when you bought the ticket(s).

  • Is it possible to get refund if I can't come to Impact Day?

    No, unfortunately our tickets are not refundable. However, you can watch Impact Day virtually if you have purchased General or VIP Pass.

  • Can I still take part in Impact Day if I get sick?

    Virtually – absolutely! If you have purchased General or VIP Pass, you can watch the live broadcast via Brella.


  • Who are the speakers of Impact Day?

    Impact Day has nearly 150 performers, including representatives of the greatest sustainable companies in the Baltics and Nordics, highly valued spokespeople for sustainability topics, etc. You can see all the performers here.

  • Can I participate as a performer?

    It’s possible. Feel free to contact our Program Manager Erkki Kubber: erkki@impactday.eu.

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