Group Licences

Impact Day 2024

Group Licences

Looking to make a greater impact? Elevate your sustainability journey by sharing the Impact Day 2024 experience with your team, customers, or community. Our exclusive Group Licences allow you to do just that!

What are the Group Licences?

The Group Licenses are designed to let you share the essence of Impact Day 2024 with a wider audience in your organization or community. Whether it’s a live screening during the event or catching up on the insights with our recordings, the Group Licences offers you the flexibility and reach.

The Single Group Licence lets you stream or play recordings of the festival on one device for an unlimited number of viewers. In contrast, the Remote Group Licence allows for streaming or playback on unlimited number of devices, also for an unlimited audience.


Why choose a Group Licence?

Group Licences

Ready to amplify your impact?

Bring Impact Day 2024 to your organization or community. Get the up to -25% Group License today and be part of an international community of influencers.

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