How to Turn Collective Failure into Collective Success?

How to Turn Collective Failure into Collective Success?
Published: 31. August 2023
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To become an inspiring speaker who can captivate large crowds, the most important factors are genuine interest and passion for the chosen topic or question. Meanwhile, speaking and presentation skills can be trained and improved at any age. The hardest part is overcoming oneself and stepping out of the comfort zone – once that is done, the rest becomes much easier. One of the areas in which we can achieve positive changes by inspiring and engaging society is sustainability.

Daring to speak publicly and inspire others

In search of inspiring speakers and lecturers ready to promote a better future and positive changes, Miltton in cooperation with the sustainability festival Impact Day is organizing the Impact Speaker Contest. Prior public speaking experience is not required to apply; all that is needed is to submit a 5-minute speech in English in video format. This competition has two goals – to stimulate discussion on sustainability issues and to encourage individuals to overcome themselves, dare to speak publicly, and inspire others.

Getting heard and listened to

In today’s world, where we process a large volume of information daily through news media, social media, and other platforms, the ability to make oneself heard and listened to is crucial. By learning how to reach one’s target audience, capture and maintain their attention, we can achieve significant societal changes. Furthermore, anyone can accomplish this. That’s why there are no restrictions on who can participate in the contest – entrepreneurs, company leaders, experts from various fields, students, and sustainability enthusiasts are all welcome. The key is the desire to bring about positive changes and promote sustainability processes in various aspects of life.

Speaking about sustainability – the only way to make changes

The inhabitants of the Baltic states as a society are knowledgeable and willing to discuss sustainability issues; we are ready to raise our voices to bring positive changes. In comparison to the previous year, the number of participants in the Impact Day festival has doubled, and the contest is being organized on a broader scale – this year, it spans the entire Baltic region. This confirms that sustainability is a vital topic in our society. And it’s here to stay, so we need to talk about it.

Speaking about an issue, including sustainability, is the only way to drive change. If we want to achieve something, we can’t sit idly by; we have to step out of our comfort zones and share our ideas. The first step is always the hardest, which is why we aim to create a platform to make it easier through this contest. Moreover, the initial rounds of the contest take place remotely – there’s no need to go anywhere, just record a five-minute video. When looking at inspiring and globally recognized speakers, it’s worth remembering that they, too, were once individuals who had to step out of their comfort zones when speaking in public for the first time.

Are we doing enough?

This year’s theme is “Are we doing enough?” – with it, we want to find out what we can achieve by working together and how we can turn collective failures into collective successes. By choosing a question that is important and meaningful to us, we will find it much easier to captivate others as well. Therefore, I encourage people to dare to choose a topic close to them that can positively change the world and speak about it aloud, inviting others to join in!

Text by: Eva-Maria Kangro, Psychologist and partner at Miltton New Nordics

Impact Day is the largest sustainability festival in the Baltics, which takes place on October 5-6 in Tallinn. With an estimated 2000+ participants and 3 stages full of inspiring content, more than 150 speakers are expected to take the stage during the festival. The Impact Speaker Contest is organized by Miltton New Nordics in cooperation with SpeakSmart and powered by the President Kaljulaid Foundation. Applications are open until September 3 on the contest’s official landing page

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