Webinar Recap: The B-Corp Journey with Grünfin and Woola

Webinar Recap: The B-Corp Journey with Grünfin and Woola
Published: 12. June 2024
Categories: Study Tips

On May 16th, we hosted a webinar, diving into the details of B-Corp certification. Moderated by Erkki Kubber from Impact Day, the session featured valuable insights from Karin Nemec of Grünfin and Anna-Liisa from Woola. If you missed the live event, don’t worry—we’ve got a recording available on our blog.

Highlights from the Webinar:

WHY become a B-Corp?

Our speakers explored the compelling reasons for pursuing B-Corp certification. Both Grünfin and Woola shared their unique motivations, emphasizing how B-Corp values align with their commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. The discussion highlighted how becoming a B-Corp can boost a company’s credibility and attract conscious consumers.

HOW to make it happen?

The practical steps to achieving B-Corp certification were unpacked, giving attendees a clear roadmap. Karin and Anna-Liisa discussed the rigorous assessment process, the importance of thorough documentation, and the dedication needed to meet B-Corp’s high standards. Their experiences underscored the need for internal alignment and continuous improvement.

WHAT is a B-Corp?

A detailed overview of what it means to be a B-Corp was provided, clearing up any misconceptions. B-Corps are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. The conversation emphasized the broader impact of B-Corps in driving systemic change and promoting sustainable business practices globally.

Case Studies: Grünfin and Woola

The webinar featured compelling case studies from Grünfin and Woola, showcasing the real-world impact of becoming a B-Corp. Karin Nemec shared Grünfin’s journey, focusing on their mission to offer sustainable investment options. Anna-Liisa from Woola detailed how their innovative packaging solutions are transforming the industry. Both stories served as powerful testimonials to the benefits and challenges of the B-Corp certification process.

Interactive Q&A Session

Participants had the chance to engage with the speakers, asking questions about the certification process, challenges faced, and the broader implications of becoming a B-Corp. The interactive session provided practical advice and encouragement for those considering the B-Corp journey.

Watch the Webinar Recording

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, or simply passionate about sustainability, this webinar is a valuable resource. Dive deep into the world of B-Corp certification, learn from industry leaders, and get inspired to start your own journey towards sustainable business practices.

Stay tuned for more insightful events and resources from Impact Day!

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