Erkki Kubber: 23 Ways We Can Easily Contribute to Sustainability

Erkki Kubber: 23 Ways We Can Easily Contribute to Sustainability
Published: 23. January 2024
Categories: Opinion Tips

Our world is undeniably shaped by capitalism, and the time has come for us to revolutionize our habits and lifestyles to leave a better planet for future generations, writes Erkki Kubber, the Program Manager of Impact Day. In this article, discover simple, actionable solutions that you can implement immediately to reduce your environmental impact. Additionally, explore innovative ideas that extend beyond individual efforts, challenging companies, municipalities, and countries to adopt more sustainable practices.

Individual Level Wake-Up Calls:

  1. Firework Ban: Unleash the power of your pocket by ceasing the wasteful habit of shooting fireworks. Not only does it pollute and disturb wildlife, but it’s also burning a hole in your finances.
  2. Downsize Consumption: Take a stand against overconsumption. Swap those XL foods and drinks for smaller sizes, revealing the illusion that buying in bulk actually saves you money.
  3. Size Matters, Again: Choose smaller plates and cups to combat the sneaky ways in which larger sizes coax you into consuming more. Save your health and wealth with this conscious choice.
  4. Strategic Grocery Warfare: Stop being a victim of daily shopping sprees. Arm yourself with a grocery list to combat unnecessary purchases, wasted time, and a drained bank account.
  5. Clothing Intervention: Break free from the cycle of shopping therapy during low moments. Invest only in what you need, saving time, money, and fostering long-term happiness.
  6. Refrain From Using Lids on Your Drinking Cups: These seemingly convenient plastic additions are unnecessary and contribute to environmental issues. Concerned about spills? Simply request a 20% smaller portion and adopt a more leisurely pace while sipping. Embrace the experience of sitting in a café, savoring a slow coffee. This not only reduces plastic waste but also enhances your mental well-being through a more mindful, relaxed approach.
  7. Unplug & Uncover: It’s time to disconnect your devices. Leaving them plugged in siphons electricity and drains your hard-earned money.
  8. Water Rationing: Challenge the daily shower routine. Save water, money, and time by switching to every-other-day shower schedule.
  9. App Management Warfare: Wage war on unnecessary app usage. Constantly running apps drain your battery, costing you money. Take control and regain power over your devices.
  10. Bag Rebellion: Defy the norm. Carry reusable bags to the store and refuse the pointless purchase of new plastic bags.
  11. Straw-Free Rebellion: Make a statement by ditching the straw. Break free from unnecessary waste and sip your drink with purpose.
  12. Ditch the Electric Dryer: Let nature handle your laundry. Not only will you cut costs, but you might sacrifice some time.
  13. Reconsider Wearing Just a T-Shirt at Home During Winter: Experiment with lowering the thermostat by a single degree and wearing a sweater too. Even this minor adjustment can translate into noticeable savings on your heating bill. Additionally, it encourages the use of your existing clothing collection.
  14. Digital Detox: Declutter your digital space. Skip the pointless thank-you emails and hit delete. Unburden yourself from digital waste and free up some virtual room.
  15. Christmas Tree Rebellion: Rebel against the norm. Skip buying a Christmas tree and get creative. Save money and give back to the forests that need it the most.
  16. Cease the Constant Pursuit of Minimal Grass Cutting: By allowing your lawn to grow naturally, you not only reclaim valuable time but also nurture the delicate balance of nature’s biosystem.

Company, Municipality, and Country-level Disruptions:

  1. Concrete Jungle Preservation: Confront the concrete jungle mentality. Stop tearing down trees in city centers and let nature thrive. Cooler temperatures and a healthier environment await those brave enough to challenge the status quo.
  2. Car Tax: Many countires in Europe have, yet we think that we should not tax consumption and luxury. 
  3. Liberation from Office Chains: Break free from the chains of office obligations. Letting go of the five-day office rule empowers people to choose. Three days in the office means more money, time, and happiness for the workforce.
  4. Meeting Insurrection: Declare war on daily meetings. Imagine the time saved by having one meeting-free day or conducting team meetings every other day. Time is a resource; let’s reclaim it.
  5. Road Revolution: Reject the conventional. Choose cost-effective 2+1 lanes over the extravagant 2+2. Save money, resources, and still achieve the same result.

More Radical Challenges

  1. Coffee Cup Rebellion: Coffee shop owners, take a stand. Stop handing out cups and urge customers to bring their own. Encourage the love for coffee to extend to the cup, saving resources and landfill space.
  2. Urban Car Exodus: Rise above the chaos. Ban your personal cars from city center and sell it. Rent when needed, use public transport, or embrace micro-mobility services. Cut through the stress and expenses associated with parking.

PS. If you’re interested in learning to discover more simple, actionable solutions that you can implement immediately to reduce your environmental impact, our team also offers consultations and workshops.

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