Sustainability is Fetching: Impact Day’s Growth Shows the Path Forward

Sustainability is Fetching: Impact Day’s Growth Shows the Path Forward
Published: 23. May 2024
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Impact Day, the frontrunner in sustainability events across Baltics and Nordics, continues to thrive and broaden its mandate. What began as a one-day Estonian event two years ago has transformed into a comprehensive three-day festival this year, attracting over 4000 participants.

The festival will transpire from 10-12 October 2024 in Tallinn. Over 150 reputed sustainability advocates from the Baltics, Nordics and beyond will grace the stage. The planning and execution of Impact Day is a combined effort of more than 15 organizing bodies.

The event showcases internationally renowned speakers including:

  • Jos de Blok (Buurtzorg, CEO)
  • Jeremy Schwartz (former CEO & MD of Coca-Cola, L’Oreal, Pandora, and The Body Shop)
  • Martin Villig (co-founder of Bolt)
  • Clover Hogan (climate activist and the founder of Force of Nature)
  • Mohammed Qahtani (World Champion of public speaking 2015)

A new feature this year, the Impact EXPO, will culminate on the final day, 12th October. Impact EXPO turns the spotlight on sustainability, proves its sexiness and aims to educate the general public about sustainability and making eco-friendly choices. While the primary focus of the first two days caters to businesses and organizations, the Impact EXPO on Saturday is laser-focused on individuals. Impact EXPO provides exciting insights into sustainability from a nature, business, and well-being perspective. The event ends with a concert by well-known and talented musicians. 

Merili Ginter, the Head Organizer of the event, emphasized the need for spreading awareness about the implications of unsustainable practices. “The necessity for educating everyone about the ramifications of unsustainable choices cannot be understated. We strive to demonstrate, through sharing practical solutions and raising awareness, how sustainable choices can considerably enrich our life quality and environmental health, both now and for the future. With each sustainable decision we make today, we are investing in our combined future – a life of abundance and a healthier planet.”

Local Estonian experts such as Jaan Aru (neuroscientist), Reet Aus (founder of Aus Design and Upmade), Epp Kärsin (sexual educator), Aleksei Turovski (zoologist) and Sven Nuum (co-founder of Boost Yourself) will also contribute.

Impact Day is designed to cultivate a more profound understanding of sustainability. The event offers an insight into practical, everyday ways to make sustainable choices and illustrates the prospects within the growing green economy. Attendees will experience a plethora of engaging activities ranging from sustainable living workshops and panel discussions on eco-friendly business practices to lively debates on environmental policy. The Impact Day experience also comprises a bustling EXPO area with over 60 sustainable organizations and numerous pre- and side-events.

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