The One Main Idea Participants Got from Impact Day

The One Main Idea Participants Got from Impact Day
Published: 28. February 2023
Categories: Tips

We asked the Impact Day 2022 participants to write down one main thought/idea that they got from the event. So time for some inspiration!

  • We have so much cool stuff to share with each other!
  • Everyone has an impact. What is my impact?
  • Let’s lose prejudices!
  • Authenticity sells!
  • Management is a co-creation, great things are born in cooperation.
  • There are no wonderful top executives but wonderful teams! But the assembly of this team lies with the top manager.
  • The change begins with small steps.
  • A sustainable lifestyle doesn’t mean giving up everything.
  • If you want to then start small and quietly, but just start.
  • Don’t try to do anything to look good to others. Do it because you sincerely believe in it.
  • It is worth looking for collaborations on the surface of common values.
  • If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together.
  • Sustainability is no longer the subject of just individual fanatics, it is becoming a way of thinking about every activity.
  • Dare to draw imperfect lines.
  • Be good to others, be good to yourself – then you can do good for the world.
  • Dare to approach and communicate, because you never know where a new contact can lead you.
  • The rear view mirror is (in the financial world) more accurate than the windshield.
  • Instead of talking, ask questions if possible.
  • Values determine our choices.
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