Real Impact Comes from Changing the Way You Think

Real Impact Comes from Changing the Way You Think
Published: 22. August 2023
Categories: Tips

According to Kristi Tiido, the founder of Phére studio, real impact comes from changing the way you think. She believes that changing something in the world isn’t solely the task of large corporations and giant enterprises. In fact, each one of us has the power to contribute to the bigger picture by altering our habits and mindset. 

In this article, we’ll explore her approach, focusing on nature, supporting local artisans, making mindful purchases, reusing products, and inspiring collective change through individual actions.

Embracing nature-centric thinking

Embracing a nature-centric mindset opens the door to envisioning solutions that draw inspiration from the world around us. This means seeing the possibilities that lie within our reach – in our surroundings.

Envision a reality where recycling, reusing, and repurposing aren’t just trendy catchphrases, but rather an inherent way of life. It’s about acknowledging that the fundamental components for creating something often exist nearby, waiting to be transformed into remarkable outcomes.

Drawing inspiration from Kristi’s journey, consider her approach to crafting atmosphere devisers. Rather than searching for ingredients from distant suppliers or relying on major manufacturers in far-flung markets, she redirected her attention to the bountiful offerings of the natural world around her. Her atmosphere devisers incorporate flowers from the local environment and seaglass sourced from the sea – materials perpetually provided by nature herself. This shift in perspective not only showcases the potential of nature-centric thinking but also underscores the remarkable outcomes that can arise from embracing resources at our doorstep.

Supporting local artisans

Preserving cultural heritage and traditional wisdom relies on supporting local artisans. Collaborating with these skilled craftsmen not only generates sustainable products but also ensures the transmission of invaluable knowledge across generations.

While turning to foreign markets might seem convenient, it risks eroding our own traditions. Consider the glass industry – once thriving locally, it now relies on imports due to neglect. 

Even Kristi, who initially wanted to use glass blowed in Estonia, is now forced to source from abroad because the local workshop she used before is no longer available.

But this might have a negative outcome and soon in 10 years we might not have anyone knowing the craftmanship anymore.

If we don’t nurture local talents, we could lose unique skills, especially if global circumstances disrupt foreign sourcing. Let’s ensure we value and support our artisans to safeguard our heritage for generations to come.

Mindful consumption & extending product lifecycles 

Practicing mindful consumption involves considering the entire lifecycle of a product before purchasing. This conscientious approach empowers individuals to make choices aligned with their values, contributing to a more sustainable and responsible global landscape. 

Take, for instance, the versatile atmosphere devisers. Not limited to their primary function, they metamorphose into vases, bowls, jewelry keepers, and diffusers. This shift in perspective extends the lifespan of products, challenging the rampant throwaway culture. By designing products for durability and adaptability, we simultaneously diminish waste and champion a circular economy – a step away from disposable habits, towards a future brimming with thoughtful choices.

How changed mindsets spark collective impact

Small actions can lead to significant transformations. By adopting a sustainable mindset, individuals can inspire a ripple effect of change. Through shared experiences and stories, a collective movement emerges, influencing communities and creating a wider, positive influence.

Empowering change through mindset

Phére’s perspective reminds us that our mindset is a powerful tool for change. The principles of nature-inspired thinking, local support, mindful consumption, reusability, and collective action hold the potential to reshape our world. As the founder of Phére studio suggests, it’s not just what we do, but how we think that truly matters. By embracing these principles in our daily lives, we can all contribute to a more sustainable future, demonstrating that small steps can lead to profound, lasting impact.

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