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We are deeply grateful that you are coming to speak at Impact Day festival. Together we can actually make sustainability a sexy standard!

From this page you should find all the information about the festival: how to prepare, what should you wear, how to get to the venue, etc. Let’s dig into the details & act for impact!

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What's Impact Day about?

Impact Day is the largest impact and sustainability festival in the Baltics & Nordics. We bring together people who want to create a positive impact on the world. Here you’ll find like-minded people, fresh ideas and knowledge on how to go even further with your words and actions.

Impact Day will take place on the 10-12 October 2024 in Tallinn. The main topic of this year’s event is “Less is more”.

Besides reading our webpage overview about the festival, an overview for you is available here: Performer summary. In addition, you can find the 2023 speakers’ briefing slides and recordings for more detailed information about the festival & other sessions.


What to know about your performance?

  • What kind of materials can I use?

    You can only use PowerPoint slides and they must be in the 16:9 format.

    If any other materials are required, they all must be in digital format.

    Any content you need to display, including pictures or videos, must be included in the slides. This can be easily achieved using PowerPoint. If you are unsure how to do this, we will gladly assist you.

    If you’re using slides for your presentation, ensure they’re uploaded by September 25th: upload here.

    Workshop organizers need to bring their slides on a memory stick.

  • How can I engage or interact with the audience during my presentation?

    You can use the interactivity tool Votemo. You will be introduced to it shortly at your briefing.

  • What microfon will be used?

    Speaking at a stage? You will have a head microphone, so be sure there is a place where to put the modem (for example a belt, pants’ pocket or brim will do). In addition, keep in mind that big earrings might make an uncomfortable sound whilst using the head microphone.

    Doing a workshop? You will not have a microphone. Be sure to have your voice warm in order not to lose it afterwards.

  • How long is my session/performance?

    Your session/performance should last for the agreed-upon time. Details of each session’s length can be found on the Impact Day website under ‘Agenda’.

    The agreed-upon time is considered ‘gross’ time, meaning that, for instance, if your fireside is scheduled for 20 minutes, the introduction and conclusion will also be deducted from this. Thus, your ‘net’ time available for speaking will be 18 minutes – one minute for the introduction and one for the conclusion. (For keynotes, we will deduct from the end three minutes for Q&A, so in this example final ‘net’ time for the keynote would be 15 minutes.)

    For panel discussions, you can calculate ‘net’ time in the following way. The introduction and conclusion will still take the same time.

    Each additional panelist (beyond the first one) will add an extra 30 seconds to the introduction. Therefore, if there are three panelists in total, the introduction will take (60 seconds + 30 seconds + 30 seconds = 120 seconds) and the conclusion 60 seconds.

    So, your ‘net’ time will be ‘gross’ time – introduction (120 seconds) – conclusion (60 seconds).

  • Will all the attendees be in the festival physically?

    No, last year, approximately one-sixth of the attendees participated virtually. When preparing for your performance, please take this into consideration. Design your presentation in a way that engages both the physical and virtual audiences.

    For workshops, only physical participants can take part.

  • Can there be questions from the audience?

    Yes, that’s possible. We use Votemo for this purpose. You can either watch the questions yourself from a tablet (which we can provide if necessary), or the stage host/session moderator can screen and present them.

    If a question comes from the physical audience, be sure to repeat it on stage so that the virtual audience is also informed.

  • What happens after the festival?

    1. One week after the festival, you will be asked to fill out feedback.
    2. Performers selected as attendees’ favorites will be invited back for the next year (every year we invite like this back around 5-15% of performers). Then, the process begins anew in the same manner.
  • When will I be briefed and prepared for the festival?

    After you have agreed to join as a performer (either by email or by signing the speaker agreement), the process will unfold as follows:

    1. You will need to complete the Performers Onboarding form.
    2. Stage briefings (for each stage individually) will occur one month before the festival.
    3. If you are part of a panel, you will have a panel “get to know” briefing afterwards with your moderator and fellow panellists – moderators will contact you.
      1. If the moderator has not contacted you or your panel does not have a moderator, contact your fellow panellists yourself. You can find the contact under the briefing invitation or just ask the from Program Manager
    4. Stage rehearsals are scheduled for one day prior to the festival:
      1. Dedicated time slots for all keynotes to familiarize themselves with the stage and the festival’s processes.
      2. Panellists can join if they wish, although it is not mandatory. A specific time slot is allocated for all panellists at the end of the day.
      3. Virtual performers will be contacted by our technical team and virtual reherseal will be hold also one day prior to the festival
    5. Your performance on stage will take place at your scheduled time.
    6. For all performers, there will be a Thanksgiving Evening to network and celebrate the impact made after the second day of the festival (on October 11th starting from 17.15).
  • Where can I get information about the schedule?

    You can see the programme on the Impact Day website. In addition, there are screens in the cloakroom area where you can also check the schedule. We also recommend logging in early to the Brella environment – there you can see the schedule as well as ask questions, network, etc.

  • What should I do if I have a question that was not answered here?

    Contact the program manager, Erkki – he is the one who can be of help the best! You can call him at +372 5904 7365 or email him with erkki@impactday.eu.

  • I missed the briefing, what should I do?

    You can watch the briefing recording afterwards from this link.

All you need to know before coming to Põhjala factory

  • What should I bring to the festival?

    Ticket – Bring your phone or other device with you to show the ticket sent through the Fienta environment. If possible, don’t print the ticket – let’s save nature!
    Dress – Come in as you feel comfortable! The Põhjala Factory hangars may be a bit chilly for some, even after heating, so we recommend dressing warmly.
    Bring your own water bottle – There are no disposable cups in the festival area and you will not be able to get free water cups from the Impact Day area. The refill of your own water bottle is supported by Tallinn Water.
    Bring your own food box – We will be using Panditops’s reusable dishes on site at the festival, and we ask that you bring your own storage box to save any leftover food.

  • What is the best way to come to the festival?

    We encourage you to use public transport or micromobility devices!

    For our attendees traveling from abroad, we highly encourage utilizing the most environmentally-friendly transportation methods available. If you’re journeying from Sweden, Finland, Latvia, or Lithuania, consider taking a bus or ferry. These options are often more cost-effective. However, if they are not, please bring it to our attention – we’re committed to supporting your sustainable travel choices by compensating the difference.

    You can get to the venue by public transport using bus no. 32, 72 or tram no. 2, 6. The nearest stop is Marati. Thanks to our cooperation with Tallinn, you can take FREE public transport by using the QR code sent to you by email! You can use this almost all week long – from 3th October to 8th October.

    If you have a micromobility device (bicycle, scooter), you can park it under a tent. We recommend you to enjoy the seaside Stroom pedestrian route to Kopli Street.

    If you can’t get there by public transport or micromobility devices, you can leave your car around the Põhjala Factory. Warning: there are very few parking spaces, so you might get a few (or even more) steps on your activity monitor while walking from your car! There is a car park around the Põhjala factory, but it is used by the workers and people who live around it. You may or may not have the opportunity to park on nearby streets. Therefore, we strongly advise you to come by public transport from both an environmental and a convenience perspective!

    Põhjala factory address: Marati 5, 11713 Tallinn.

  • How to watch the event virtually?

    You have to enter Brella and choose “Stream” from the leftside menu.
    It will be possible to watch the recordings of the event in the week immediately afterwards and all materials will be available three months after the event.

What you need to consider at the festival?

  • How do I get myself the festival's badge?

    As a first step, you can obtain a badge and lanyard at the VIP registration desk using your ticket. To do this, you need to locate the email sent by Fienta containing the QR code.

    With your badge, you will have easy access to move between the Impact Day halls and the outdoor area. It’s important to carry your badge and lanyard with you at all times – without it, re-entry to the festival won’t be possible.

    In collaboration with Ecodisain, we will be collecting the lanyards at the conclusion of the festival for reuse at future events. Therefore, before leaving the Põhjala Factory, kindly return your lanyard – together, we can contribute to environmental conservation!

  • Where and how can I leave my outerwear and other things?

    You can leave your outerwear in an unguarded wardrobe. There are numbers above the hooks in the wardrobe, you cannot take a number with you. In the wardrobe, we ask you to take a picture of your number so that you don’t forget where you put your clothes.

    If you also have a heavy bag that you don’t want to carry all day, you can put your most valuable belongings in the lockers that are in the festival area. The locker is lockable with a key. You can put your things in, take the key with you and leave the key outside the locker door after you’ve taken your things. Please don’t take the key home!

  • Where can I get information about the schedule?

    You can see the programme on the Impact Day website. In addition, there are screens in the cloakroom area where you can also check the schedule. We also recommend logging in early to the Brella environment – there you can see the schedule as well as ask questions, network, etc.

  • What is the WiFi password?

    There is no password! Just join the “Impact Day Public” network.

  • What else should I consider?

    Alcohol consumption and e-cigarette use are prohibited indoors on Impact Day. The Smoking Corner is located on the left hand side as you enter the Põhjala courtyard. In the Smoking Corner there are Filaret smoke boxes for guests to drop their containers in. These will be used to collect smoke cones, and Filaret will recycle toxic smoke cones into eco-friendly compostable 3D printing material, reducing waste in an innovative way.
    For our part, we’ve done everything we can to ensure that you generate as little waste as possible during the festival. But if you do, please sort it accordingly – you have the option to separate biowaste, packages, paper & cardboard, deposit bottles & cans, mixed waste.

  • What should I do if I have a question that was not answered here?

    Grab the arm of a volunteer wearing an Impact Day shirt. Chances are they’ll know the answer to your question! Plus, you can always turn up at the registration desk, where, among other things, all the lost items will end up.

All information regarding leaving the festival

  • What should I leave at the festival?

    However, before you leave the Põhjala factory, take the lanyard to the registration desk and if you still have a Panditops’s dish in your hand, take it to the main exit of the Panditops tent.

  • Can I use pictures taken by event's photographers?

    Yes, you can use photos taken by photographers at the festival, as long as you mention the photographer and the name of the event (Impact Day). You can use the photos for media, publications, personal use, etc. Whenever possible, use our festival’s #impactday and #actforimpact tags – that way, other festival visitors can find you!

  • For how long and from where can I watch the recordings afterwards?

    You can watch the recordings up to two months after the festival on Brella. Recording will be uploaded there 3-5 days after the festival has ended.

  • Where can I share my feedback about the festival?

    We’ll send you an email after the festival where you can leave your compliments, suggestions and ideas!

For more information call or write to Erkki

Erkki Kubber

PROGRAM | Impactful program creator

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